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Parkitect (PC Game)

Parkitect is a new game by Texel Raptor.

This game appealed to me for several reasons... It was built with Unity, which is the same engine/software I've been using to build games, and it reminds me of the old game Roller Coaster Tycoon, wherein you build and manage virtual theme parks.

I must say, the developers have done a great job on Parkitect...
  • Game-play and controls are intuitive.
  • The coasters are fun and easy to build.
  • The art and animations are simple but creative.
  • The music and sound effects accent the game nicely.
Another thing I really like about this game is the 3d terrain. You can create mountains or basins in the level just by clicking and dragging. Add water, or an array of different models to create some truly exciting designs. Roads can be turned into platforms, stairs, or tunnels. Coasters can go underground and in-and-out of each other.

A few annoyances...
  • The game crashes sometimes when saving. Larger, more developed levels run slow.
  • Cleanliness score is difficult to maintain - too much time is spent looking after janitors and trashcans.
  • No undo. It really needs an undo button!
I hope they add a normal view or first-person view for the coaster rides.

Despite its early flaws, I would highly recommend this game! Parkitect is currently in Alpha, but you can purchase it now directly through their website: http://www.themeparkitect.com/

Jan 3rd 2016