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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (PC Game Review)

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is the latest game by Zordix AB released on July 13th 2016 as an Early Access release.

I have many good things to say about this game, and only a few minor complaints, so I will keep this review concise.
    The good:
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Nice wave physics
  • Many courses and models
  • Exciting racing combined with cool stunts

The game looks beautiful and runs very well on my computer. The wave physics are probably the best I've seen. It has a nice variety of courses. The racing is intense and the stunts are fun. Overall, it's a really well-developed game and has good replay value - I'm sure I'll be coming back to this game many times.

There's nothing terrible to say about this game, but I do have some minor complaints and/or suggestions.
    The bad:
  • Stunts are required
  • Controls feel clunky
  • Course visibility is sometimes an issue

If you're not good at doing stunts, you'll have a hard time mastering several of the championship courses, because it forces you to start the circuit with a stunt course. For example, coming in last place (which happens to me almost every time) makes it impossible to get a Gold medal. I feel like the stunt coarse should be used to determine start position or get bonus points, not affect the overall ranking of the race championship.

The controls are slightly sluggish or unresponsive. I find myself pressing hard on the keyboard and getting tired pretty quickly.

Another minor complaint is sometimes your visibility is blocked by the player names and other obstacles. And sometimes its difficult to determine where the race path is, or which direction to turn. There is a course map, and a direction indicator, but somehow I still tend to miss certain boyouis.

In conclusion, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is a fun and beautiful game with a fair purchase price. I definitely recommend it!

Jul 18th 2016