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Math Art

I think math-based art is incredible. It's fascinating how something so visually complex can be based on a set of simple rules.

I've done a little work with fractals, check out some of the images I made with Mandelbulder 3D. But, this time around, I'm building programs to generate my own unique and dynamic artwork.

I'm using an application called Processing (www.processing.org), which utilizes Java.

My first experiment, which I'm calling "Offspring", generates random tree-like or bush-like patterns to create a unique piece of art each time it runs. No images or bitmap graphics are being used, this is pixel data, completely drawn with rectangles or ellipses. Each frame is drawn over the next, as the program loops, it progressively creates these images.

See examples:
Offspring (tall format)
Offspring (wide format)

Jul 24th 2014