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Math Art: Digital Organisms

Gallery of images produced with my recent "Digital Organisms" art experiment.

This is an evolution of several other projects I've been experimenting with...

See my previous post about Math Art for more info about the tools I'm using.

Images are created via a series of steps:
- paint background gradient, with favored color of red, green, or blue.
- paint ellipses, with favored color darkened, random sizes, in random positions.
- paint radial gradient at source position of stem.
- paint stem effect using a randomized script.
- paint organic mass effect using a randomized script.
- add minor blur effect between each .
- paint small ellipses, light colors, for simple noise.

The script also has some mouse and keyboard controls for placing the elements. Some examples shown above are random, some are more controlled.

Jan 24th 2015