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Custom Terrains and Foliage

More updates to the environments I've made in Unity3d.

I wrote a script that reads the pixel data from a grayscale texture and applies those values to the terrain data - so custom terrains can be used in addition to the terrain generator used in previous examples.

Dynamic Terrains and Foliage (final)
Dynamic Terrains and Foliage (updated again)
Dynamic Terrains and Foliage (updated)
Dynamic Terrains and Foliage (continued)
Dynamic Terrains and Foliage

"Rock & Boulders" by Manufactura K4 - https://www.facebook.com/ManufacturaK4
"Rocky Meadow Assets" by Fredrik Larsson - http://fr3drik.com/
"Yughues Free Palm Tress" by Nobiax/Yughues - http://nobiax.deviantart.com/
"Butterfly with Animations" by Gareth Wright - http://r3dbyt3.co.uk/gruffyresume/index.html
"Skybox Volume 2 (Nebula)" by Hedgehog Team - http://www.thehedgehogteam.com/Forum/
"Simple procedural terrain in Unity" by Scrawk - http://scrawkblog.com/
Most terrain textures provided by CGTextures - http://www.textures.com/
Most lens flares, tree models, grass and foliage, water, and camera fx provided by Unity - http://unity3d.com/

Other resources like, crystals, mushrooms, cacti, rocks, grass, terrains, skyboxes, and particle fx created by me using Bryce3D, Wings3D, and Unity3D.

Nov 20th 2015