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Blazing Angels

Quite possibly one of the best first-person games I've played in recent years... "Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII" was made by Ubisoft and it is several years old, but still offers an impressive visual/gaming experience. Its a jet fighter game with all the basic controls, weapons, and power-ups that you might expect - and thats really the genius of it - its not overly complicated, or too simple.

Pros: Great graphics and performance - it seems like the developers found a really good balance between graphics/performance. Decent objectives and introductions. Good checkpoints and a nice feeling of accomplishment when you complete each mission. Level design is simple but efficient and beautiful. Good sound effects. Flying and fighting in the air is exciting and its fun to use the "Follow Enemy" camera-view to help destroy enemies (and capture great screenshots).

Cons: Sometimes directives/objectives are unclear, so you may waste time dying and restarting missions just trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing. A healing system/power-up exists but gets in the way of the game as you try to use it. I think the interface, or HUD, could be more usefull.

This game is available on Steam:

Produced by: Ubisoft

May 31st 2011