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Putting aside my interests...

I first started making music over ten years ago, and I remember saying to my friends, "...in just a couple years I'll be a pro"... I actually believed that. But it didn't work out that way - and the same goes with my assumptions about other things too...

I'm much older now. Time is getting faster and the days are getting shorter. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of opportunities, partly because I have too many interests, and not enough time or resources to fully exploit any one of them.

When I think about all the time I've spent experimenting with different types of media (literally years worth of time and labor), I can't help but wonder if I could have spent that time more wisely. What if I had focused only on music, or only on art, or on something else entirely different?... Would I be happier or more successful by now? Have I stretched myself thin?

All things considered, I've decided to put aside many of my creative interests... goodbye 3d models and textures. Goodbye music samples and audio plugins. Goodbye programming and video games. Goodbye editing and animation software. Goodbye poetry and literature.

I'll probably continue drawing - that has always been something I enjoy, and there's still much room for improvement. Though, it makes me sad to consider giving up on so many of my other interests, it seems like the smart thing to do right now.


Well, it's been over 3 years since I made the above post... and its funny because I've stopped drawing almost entirely, and my interests have shifted towards programming. I've been developing video games and many of the skills I thought I was wasting my time on, are actually quite useful for that. I still cut back on certain interests, like playing games, making music, writing, etc.

Feb 4th 2012