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Old Hero

Digital painting for an online forum challenge - the theme was "Old Hero".

This was a members challenge for the Sycra.net Forums. I started with a fairly quick sketch that was based on various references. I knew from the beginning I wanted to use a turtle character, to help convey the "old" theme (turtles have very long lifespans). I added some simple elements, like the skull necklace, the arrowhead staff, and the scar over the eye, to convey the "hero" theme - its obvious this old turtle has survived a few battles.

The color was difficult for me - I eventually darkened much of it to hide the lack of detail and give the image more contrast, for appeal. This was a week long challenge and I probably spent anywhere between 5 - 8 hours on it.

I was delighted to have this piece chosen as the winner! Sycra.net - Official Weekly Challenge Winners

Apr 21st 2013