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Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb 3D

I assume you know about fractals. Well, what about 3D fractals? I recently came across two excellent tools for creating and rendering 3d fractals. This is amazing stuff...

Jesse at Fractal Forums created Mandelbulb 3D and Krzysztof Marczak is the creator of Mandelbulber.

Both programs are easy to use, and both come with enough examples and presets so you can have a lot fun right out of the box, without requiring much technical know-how. The samples shown in the image above were all created and rendered in one evening using Mandelbulber. None of the models or fractal equations are mine. I simply found a visually appealing region within a preset fractal, then set the camera, lights, and effects.

I'm amazed how easy it was to create such rich beautiful graphics. Technology has definitely come a long way.

Jul 22nd 2013