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Collab - Digital Art Website Out of Beta!

The Collab website is officially out of Beta mode! With 50+ members and 20 collaborations, the site is slowly growing.

I created the site when I noticed there was a desire amongst many artists to collaborate, but they didn't know exactly how to do it.

Collab offers two ways for artists to contribute: 1) via single-piece collaborations or 2) via quilting.

Collab is unique and useful for several reasons...
  • It manages the collaborative effort by displaying details, artwork, comments, etc., all on a dedicated page.
  • It's status feature immediately informs viewers whether the collab is "available", "in-progress", or "completed".
  • The quilting (also known as "tiling") is unique because, you're working together with other artists towards a larger goal, but drawings are individually separate from each other.
Please visit the official Collab website for more info:

Feb 13th 2014