Unity Web Player | CriticalBlast


Video demos:
Critical-Blast_Demo.mp4 (00:45)
Critical-Blast_Demo_longer.mp4 (01:30)

To destroy a block, you must have the appropriate color preselected. Blue, Green, or Red. Once the appropriate color is selected, just aim and shoot!

Note: Yellow and Purple blocks are unique and don't require preselection. Gray blocks are obstacles and can only be destroyed via Special action.


Space-bar to cycle through colors and make your color choice.
Left and Right keys to rotate and aim horizontally.
Use the Mouse to aim vertically.
Left-click to shoot.

Additional and alternative controls...
S - Special action
Z - Camera zoom out
C - Camera zoom in
X - Reset zoom
T - toggle hud/gui
Q - Color select (left)
E - Color select (right)
R - Restart game
H - In-game help
P - Pause game
Ctrl - Shoot
Alt - Zoom
F - Camera fx on/off
Del - Delete high-scores
Esc - Quit game