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Unity Resource - Cloud Shadow Effect - Posted on: 10/28/2023   [Tutorials]

Oct 5, 2018
This is a new effect I made which uses Unity's Projector component to mimic cloud shadows moving along the surface. Resources are attached - instructions included. Watch the video for a quick demonstration. Works well with new Clouds Plane effect.


Download the Zip or the Unitypackage, whichever works best for you!

Updated 2/28/2021. See Instructions for notes!


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Unity Resource: Skybox Fog 10/28/2023
Oct 1, 2020
Unity's built-in fog has no affect on the skybox. In the past, for better blending, I would paint the fog into the images using Photoshop. Now, I've created this custom skybox shader to make the process much easier!
Faux Fog Surface Shader 10/28/2023
Sep 22, 2019
This is a fog effect based on Unity's Standard Surface shader. It's a flat 2d effect, so it has no real depth and is best viewed at a distance. These resources are free to use.
Unity Resource - Cloud Shadows Effect (URP) 10/28/2023
May 22, 2021
The original Cloud Shadows asset was built for the Standard render pipeline and used the Projector component/shader, but that is now obsolete in Unity. Unfortunately this version doesn't have the same features, but might be a useful alternative still, specifically for the Universal Render Pipeline.
Unity Resource: Clouds Plane 10/28/2023
This is a simple effect for rendering 2d clouds in Unity. It uses a plane, an unlit shader, and two textures. Should work in Unity 5.6.5 and up. I've also updated the Cloud Shadows effect so both assets work well together.
Updated Water Caustics Effect for Unity 10/28/2023
Oct 10, 2018
I've made many updates to this package since it was originally released. Please read the update notes in the Instructions. The latest version now includes an additional Standard Surface Shader.
Water Caustics Effect (Unity Resource) 10/28/2023
Sep 23, 2018
Watch the full video on YouTube. More info in the description. Download the custom shader and animation script from below.
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Creating dynamic environments with Unity! (Video Tutorial with Resources)
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I fixed the streaks on vertical objects using tri-planar mapping, kind of...
Water Caustics FX Tutorial for Unity 9/28/2018
I finished the new water caustics shader!
Water Caustics FX Tutorial for Unity 9/23/2018
I published a short video showing how to setup the "water caustics" effect I've been working on.
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